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- Posted on 28 Jun 2015, Pastor: Nick Drake


Everything begins with the gospel. It is the story of Jesus and is our only hope. Everything we do as a church revolves around the gospel.


Everyone needs a family. We are convinced that the church is designed to function as a family. In fact, we believe God designed this family as the space where we grow best.


We are purposed for mission. Every. Single. Person. God has designed us to follow Him and then commit ourselves to His mission.


175th Anniversary in Pictures

On Saturday and Sunday, we celebrated the 175th anniversary of Richland Baptist Church (founded June 20, 1840). With nearly 250 people at our family and community celebration on Saturday and 150 people at our Sunday morning worship service, we were blessed and encouraged by the work of God in...
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Why We Are Celebrating This Weekend

Richland Baptist Church was started June 20, 1840. What an exciting time to celebrate 175 years as a church family! Ultimately, though, our 175th anniversary is not why we are celebrating this weekend. Rather, we are celebrating because of the grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our...
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Praise the God of Justice

Posted on 28 Jun 2015, Pastor: Nick Drake

The Fragrance of the Christian Life & the Church

Posted on 21 Jun 2015, Pastor: David Church

Justice Is the Lord’s

Posted on 14 Jun 2015, Pastor: Nick Drake

Where’s the Justice?

Posted on 07 Jun 2015, Pastor: Nick Drake

Alive in Christ

Posted on 31 May 2015, Pastor: Carson Humphreys