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- Posted on 07 Feb 2016, Pastor: James Morrow


Everything begins with the gospel. It is the story of Jesus and is our only hope. Everything we do as a church revolves around the gospel.


Everyone needs a family. We are convinced that the church is designed to function as a family. In fact, we believe God designed this family as the space where we grow best.


We are purposed for mission. Every. Single. Person. God has designed us to follow Him and then commit ourselves to His mission.


Christian Stewardship Seminar & Lunch

Yes, this special seminar and lunch are the same day as the Super Bowl, but fear not! We will be done before 2:00, giving you more than three hours to get home and prepare for the big game. Seriously, though, this is not an event you’ll want to miss.       Carry-in Lunch...
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Church Family Movie Night

Sunday, January 31st, we will be having a carry-in supper (5:00) and movie (5:45), a compelling drama with humor and heart that explores the power that prayer can have on marriages, parenting, careers, friendships, and every other area of our lives. You won’t regret taking the time to watch...
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Why Should I Care?

Posted on 07 Feb 2016, Pastor: James Morrow

Jesus Is from Eternity

Posted on 31 Jan 2016, Pastor: Nick Drake

Gods’ Will

Posted on 24 Jan 2016, Pastor: Carson Humphreys

Life Is Sacred

Posted on 17 Jan 2016, Pastor: Nick Drake

Jesus Is the Authority

Posted on 10 Jan 2016, Pastor: Nick Drake