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- Posted on 03 May 2015, Pastor: Nick Drake


Everything begins with the gospel. It is the story of Jesus and is our only hope. Everything we do as a church revolves around the gospel.


Everyone needs a family. We are convinced that the church is designed to function as a family. In fact, we believe God designed this family as the space where we grow best.


We are purposed for mission. Every. Single. Person. God has designed us to follow Him and then commit ourselves to His mission.


Church Work Day

This Saturday (May 2nd) is our annual church work day. There is a lot of work that needs to be done, both inside and outside the church building. Whether you are a heavy lifter, a detailed cleaner, a helpful organizer or a wise supervisor, we need your help. We have plenty of work for everyone...
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Testimony of Giving that Changes Living

A few weeks ago, Katie Humphreys shared her testimony on life-changing giving during our Sunday morning worship service. Many people were challenged and encouraged by this testimony, so we asked if she would share this again on video, so those who were not here could watch and listen. We pray...
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The Persuasion of Mission

Posted on 03 May 2015, Pastor: Nick Drake

Making Plans

Posted on 26 Apr 2015, Pastor: Carson Humphreys

The Defense of Mission

Posted on 26 Apr 2015, Pastor: Nick Drake

The Trials of Mission

Posted on 19 Apr 2015, Pastor: Nick Drake

The Will of Mission

Posted on 12 Apr 2015, Pastor: Nick Drake