Listen to Sundays’ sermons online!

Couldn’t join us for worship on Sunday? Well, no one joined us for worship yesterday, as we were all snowed in. If you can’t join us some weeks, though, we hope you will find our sermon audio page helpful. The last few sermons have already been uploaded, and we will do our best to get each Sunday’s sermons Online by Monday mornings.

Of course, listening to a sermon Online is no substitute for worshiping with the body of Christ, but if you are ill or unable to make it to worship with us – this will give you a chance to keep up with what we are studying together.

Feel free, also, to share these sermons with others outside the church.

About the Author
Slave of Jesus Christ; husband of Marsha; father of Noah, Levi, Silas, Zoe & Micah; pastor of Richland Baptist Church; servant to all.

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